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So, you want to check fluteline out but don’t really want to redesign your entire system around it? That makes a lot of sense! Thankfully, every node has an input and output queues that you can access directly. Take a look at examples/ bellow.

import fluteline

class DeepThought(fluteline.Consumer):
    def consume(self, item):

deep_thought = DeepThought()
# We are talking low level here, so let's attach an output queue manually.
# It's easier to use fluteline.connect though. Check it out!
deep_thought.output = fluteline.Queue()

# Put something in the input queue
    'The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything.'

# Get the output from the output queue
answer = deep_thought.output.get()

print('The answer is {}'.format(answer))